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Web site released: 22nd November 2013   Latest update: September 2017

Reserved Matters approved on 13th September and construction of roads started shortly after.

Details of the Reserved Matters for the approval of the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale is now available on the MSDC website. Click here for details.

9th August - Secretary of State allows the Appeal and gives permission for development of the Birchen Fields site. Click here to read the permission letter.

16th February - Public Inquiry lasted 3 days and we are now waiting for the decision of the Inspector and the Secretary of State. It could be 6-9 months before we get the decision.

15th December - Crest withdraws appeal for 48 houses and will appeal on the 40 house application only. Click here for details.

6th November - Crest appeals against refusal and requests co-joining with earlier appeal. Click here

29th October - District Council Refuses application - refer to minutes here

20th October - Planning Officer approves application - refer to report here.

22nd September - Lindfield Parish Council rejects Crest's application for the 3rd time

7th September - Haywards Heath Planning Committee reject Crest's application for the 3rd time

6th September - Print our Flyer and display in your window or give to neighbour. Click here for details

2nd September - Various revisions to website, including Guide to Objecting, due to latest application

26th August - New application number DM/15/3415 submitted, click here to view. This application replaces the earlier one.

8th July - Appeal 'called in' by Secretary of State. Click here for letter from Planning Inspectorate

23rd June - Appeal notification letter received from MSDC. Click - here for Appeal details.

2nd April - Crest has lodged an appeal against the decision by MSDC to refuse the application to build on Birchen Fields.ject Crest's

19th March - District Planning Committee recommends Refusal

9th March - Planning Officer recommends Refusal - click here for full report

20th February - Added new page containing Local Planning Applications. Click here to view

12th January - Penland Farm application for 210 houses - appeal allowed by the inspector. Click here for full details.

6th January - Both Haywards Heath Town Council and Lindfield Parish Council rejected the Crest application at last nights planning meeting. Click here to view the email sent to supporters.

2nd January - Leaflets distributed to local roads - click cretary of State here to view the leaflet

2nd January 2015 - Planning meeting to be held on 5th January. Haywards Heath Town Council at 7pm, Lindfield Parish Council at 8pm

12th December - email to supporters requesting resending of objection letters - click here to view

11th December - Crest Nicholson has withdrawn the original application for building on Birchen Fields (14/00209/OUT) and has now submitted a new application. We understand that Crest have now got answers to the flooding, archeology and ecology issues and rather than continue with the old plan they have submitted a revised plan with all the new evidence. None of the amost 500 letters of objection that were sent to the Planning Officer will be transferred to the new application and they will be totally ignored. We now have to send a new objection or resend the original one. The new application number is 14/04475/OUT

19th August - The Appeal by Banner Homes to build on Land South of Sunte House at Gander Green has been dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate. Click here to view the letter from the Planning Inspector explaining the reasons for dismissal.

16th June - The survey by Crest Nicholson for the Great Crested Newts started a few weeks ago - click here for pictures

10 June - Appeals received for Penland Farm AP/14/0032  :  Land South of Sunte House AP/14/0030
and 15 -17 Birchen Lane AP/14/0029 (click appeal number to see the letter from the Council)

19 May - Crest Nicholson Application was rejected by Haywards Heath Town Council for the 2nd time.
The next and final step (excluding appeals) is the planning meeting by Mid Sussex District Council which is expected in July
(23/11/14 - now expected December or next year)
Read article in Mid Sussex Times here

8 May - Email to Members requesting further Objections/Comments - click here to view

29 April - Crest Nicholson application Rejected by Lindfield Parish Council
The rejection was unanimous. The next step will be a planning meeting by Haywards heath Town Council (we expect this to be held on 19th May), and finally the Mid Sussex District Council

25 April - New page added - Flooding Pictures - click here to view

24 April - Send your Comments and Objections to the Council.
Flyer deliveries to surrounding roads commenced - click here to view Flyer

19 April - Crest Nicholson Application has now been revalidated
We were hoping the revalidation would not take place until the survey of the Great Crested Newts is complete, however, the developers favour option 3 of the Ecologist report (click  here) and the planners have allowed their request. The main change to the application is moving houses 47 & 48 to allow space for the Newts (Indicative site layout plan-rev 9).

01 April - Objection from County Archaeologist - Click here for details

01 April - Great Crested Newts - latest letter from County Ecologist - click here for details

21 February - Crest Nicholson Application invalidated awaiting survey of Great Crested Newts - click here for details

20 February 2014 - HHTC planning meeting rejects Crest Nicholson application - click here for details

20 February 2014 - Great Crested Newts save the day! - click here for details
                       Newts & Reptiles in Middy article

14th February 2014 - Nicholas Soames meets the Action Group - click here for details

6th February 2014 - Front page article on Birchen Fields in the Mid Sussex Times.  See the online video here

30th January 2014 - Please write to the council with your objections. Refer to Guide to Objecting for details

27th January 2014 - The formal application from Crest Nicholson has now been submitted - reference 14/00209/OUT

6th January 2014 - New page added - WildLife and the Planning Application

5th December 2013 - New page added - The Future

3rd December 2013 - Mid Sussex District Plan Rejected - click here for details