Save our Countryside


A disaster for Haywards Heath and surrounding villages

  Is this the future we want?


It has become open season for developers seeking to build on green field sites across Mid Sussex, and the land to the north of Haywards Heath and Lindfield is experiencing an unprecedented number of planning applications and threats to build on green fields in this area of beautiful natural countryside and ancient woodlands.


If we do nothing, the developers will try to build on every available green space that surrounds our town and villages. The history and character of our towns and villages are under threat and could be lost forever. The strength of local opinion was a key factor in MSDC rejecting the Penland Farm application against the advise of the Planning Officer.


Existing and possible Planning Applications include:

Birchen Fields - Permission given to build 40 house via Appeal.

Land to the west of Birchen Wood and north of Wickham Way - expected to follow if Birchen Fields developed. Recently fenced off

South of Sunte House - Revised application AP/16/0021 for 8 houses - Appeal Pending

Penland Farm - Application for 210 houses approved by the inspector
Sugworth Farm - discussion to build taken place - on hold

Land east of Portsmouth Wood Close/Barrington Close - Application DM/16/2333 for 49 houses

East of High Beech Lane - Landowner has shown interest in developing this site of almost 10 hectares

Fields north of Saville Road and those surrounding Town Wood are also potential development sites

Haywards Heath Golf Course - Future house building has been discussed, with a possible 580 houses in 31.5 hectares
Land bordered by Borde Hill Lane, Copyhold Lane and the railway line – who knows

As the Birchen Fields development is now approved it could open the flood gates to other developments shown above, and the beautiful green landscape on the northern edge of our town will be lost forever. None of the above are included in the Neighbourhood Plan and will only be proposed due to the failure of the Government National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Click here to see map of area that could be lost to houses


What can we expect if we do not object to these speculative developments:

  • Our rural setting and beautiful green countryside lost forever
  1. Further congestion on our roads
  2. Increased Flooding risk. Click here for pictures and video
  3. More Houses but no additional infrastructure
  4. More queues for School places
  5. Doctor surgery full
  6. Princess Royal full
  7. Standing on trains more likely
  8. Car parks full
  9. Water shortages
  10. An increased risk of traffic accidents on our narrow country lanes


You can help to stop this


Once our green landscape is gone it is gone forever

Click here for our Guide to Objecting

Notes: HHTC – Haywards Heath Town Council

          MSDC – Mid Sussex District Council

          LPC - Lindfield Parish Council